STACK, By Marshall

Credit: Creative Director and Editor-In-Chief for STACK, the magazine and native content generator for the Marshall phone.

STACK was designed to be a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle magazine (on the phone and in print) aimed at music fans and congruent with the Marshall ethos. STACK would feature music reviews, music news, gear reviews, interviews, and a healthy dose of fun and entertaining content. Over a six month period, the STACK editorial team developed digital content, social media strategies to build brand awareness, and created a successful pilot “issue.” Unfortunately, the European release of Marshall’s prototype phone, “The London,” was welcomed with a lukewarm response and the Marshall phone project was ultimately cancelled.

One of my favorite pieces of content was an interview with Iggy Pop. The proposal below was delivered to Iggy’s manager and, in a follow-up meeting, he expressed bemusement of the concept, and admitted the proposal had made Iggy giggle, but ultimately they politely declined to do the interview due to health reasons.